Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What are you reading this week?!

I may never get to post about every single book I read, namely because of time! Sometimes I read something that leaves me so affected that I can't articulate it, and others feel so simple that nothing more needs be said. I really mean to encourage followers/readers/passers by to leave me a comment about what YOU are reading today, this week, this month. Share the wealth of your recommendations! The community of readers is a lovely place, and we should always want to share our passion!

1) I'm still battling through the samplings provided by the head I was mailed... McSweeney's #36! It's not that it isn't enjoyable; I just keep getting distracted by other books. I'm still learning to have the patience for collections of short stories, so McSweeney's is a valuable teaching device!

2) Cranford; expect a Movie Monday post or something similar once I watch the BBC drama with Dame Judi Dench! Could be a while before I post that, but I'm excited as this will be my first Gaskell read.



  1. Hi! I love your book posts! I've also included you in the book swap from my blog (littlelifeofmine) and has started so if you could please email me at prajaline [at] gmail [dot] com so I can give you the information asap, that would be wonderful!

  2. No prob! Thank you sooo much!